Seeing by Heart

Seeing by Heart

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Places can be vessels for happy memories as well as sad ones. For Kora Garver, Horseback Inn is one of those places. She spends her time caring for its guests and horses. It’s the thing that’s kept her going, helped her to push through her darkness. But her darkness has darkened to the point that she can no longer see the light. Once beautiful, at 40, she sees herself as scarred and undesirable. Miserable and alone, ashamed of who she’s been and what she’s done, retraumatized every time she closes her eyes, she’s decided to end her life.

At 17, Finn Warner lost what most take for granted: her sight. But she didn’t let that hold her back. She graduated from medical school at the top of her class, finished her residency in psychiatry, and established a lucrative private practice. At 43, most of her dreams have been fulfilled, with one exception - that she has no one with whom to share her life. In a world where attraction often begins with sight, she’s come to accept that she’ll never have an intimate partner. But she has a rewarding career, good friends, and a great dog. That’s enough. The handsome woman counts her blessings each night and recognizes that she has more than most. 

When a blinding snowstorm leaves Finn in a snowdrift, she stays at Horseback Inn, her favorite place to visit as a kid. While there, she’s reunited with Kora, the girl she held for hours when she was fourteen, the girl she’s never stopped thinking about, one of only a handful of girls that she’s ever held that close. When Kora takes a tumble, she’ll have the opportunity to get even closer. But she’s not sure that Kora is a lesbian. And if that’s not enough, Kora’s loaded down with baggage, more than any person should have to carry. After passion ignites, Kora will push her away. Snowbound during the final countdown to suicide, two women as different as night and day are given a chance at love. But to seize it, they must navigate a difficult path through the darkness.


Author: K.A. Moll
Narrator: Emily Beresford
Publisher: KAM Books, LLC
Run time: 5 hours 39 minutes
Release Date: 09/22/2021