Cursed: A Ghosts of Thores-Cross Short Story

Cursed: A Ghosts of Thores-Cross Short Story

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Jennet's back. No one's safe.

A skeleton is dug up at the crossing of the ways on Hanging Moor, striking dread into the heart of Old Ma Ramsgill - the elderly matriarch of the village of Thruscross. And with good reason. The eighteenth-century witch, Jennet, has been woken.

A spate of killings by a vicious black dog gives credence to her warnings and the community - in particular her family - realise they are in terrible danger.

Drastic measures are needed to contain her, but with the imminent flooding of the valley to create a new reservoir, do they have the ability to stop her and break her curse?


Author: Karen Perkins
Narrator: Karen Perkins
Publisher: LionheART Publishing House
Run time: 1 hours 0 minutes
Release Date: 07/07/2017