Amplified Weapon: A Cozy Mini-Mystery

Amplified Weapon: A Cozy Mini-Mystery

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"After a mysterious death occurs, Hollywood's most prized event is held for ransom by its very own movie star. And the Clue Queen finds herself relocated in a behind-the-scenes battle for the unedited truth of whodunit, if anyone did. It's a 21 day countdown to The Oscars, a media-sized tug-of-war both for and against a show that 'might not go on' this time.

Experience a mystery-laced, 'drumroll please' chess match of wits with characters like movie director Simon Says, visitor Mr. "Squeaky" Kleen, a mysterious janitor, a frightened make-up artist, and a Most Wanted serial family tree chopper named Timber.

Face-to-face with the opposite of her career decision, separated from her 'tricky little sister,' and even stalked by an element of her amnesia's past, will Dedra Kare still Remember to Forget?

*This eBook functions both as a stand-alone mystery and Book 4 in the Karma's Revenge series.

"Stay addicted to truth in this rehab of a world" - Jwyan C. Johnson"


Author: Jwyan C. Johnson
Narrator: Priscilla Broussard
Publisher: Jwyan C. Johnson
Run time: 1 hours 49 minutes
Release Date: 08/06/2021