Faith & The Blindfold: A Cozy Christian Mini-Mystery

Faith & The Blindfold: A Cozy Christian Mini-Mystery

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An Eye-Opening Blindfold!

Let's tip-toe with Tom, as he sneaks past Lady Luck. He holds a map, ready to discover the higher yet deeper level called Faith. It is here where one remarkable blindfold unlocks Tom's other "senses." Will Tom leave Lady Luck for Faith? And will anyone else? Find out why patience and patients sound the same only at his "old place." Test your faith inside a biblically attractive journey with mystery, morals, symbolism, discussion questions, a hyperlinked bible index, and even a bonus family skit version! It's an eye-opening blindfold!

Discover the Mystery of Faith & A Fun Bible Memory!

As you tip-toe with Tom, you're getting closer to a fun bible memory! With the WordPlay Version of this new parable (included), this new story riddle is actually animated by a variety of Bible verses working together, sharing the short story scene! From the same bible memorization technique of its original 5-Star WordPlay book series, it's "wordplay" in more ways than one.


Author: Jwyan C. Johnson
Narrator: Priscilla Broussard
Publisher: Jwyan C. Johnson
Run time: 15 minutes
Release Date: 06/17/2021