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Ravening Hood

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I may be relinquished, but I am resigned. I will see the Ravens destroyed.

Istanbul harbors the ancient clutch of vampires known as the Ravens, but the city has a thousand shadows and a million secrets. What I find there will be far more than I bargained for, and nothing I could have imagined. Some legends don’t want to be told.

The city pulses with duality, echoing my own. Stuck between worlds, belonging to neither the supernatural nor the human realms, my destiny dances on a sword’s edge… Caleb, the last slayer, makes no secret that he wants me in his life, but I know Tobias needs me more. And when we finally ferret out the nest of the infamous Vlad Tepeş, I will need them both more than ever.

But will they be ready to stand beside me when the truth is revealed?


Author: Kendrai Meeks
Narrator: Erin Parker
Publisher: Tulipe Noire Press
Run time: 7 hours 50 minutes
Release Date: 03/13/2020