Requited Hood

Requited Hood

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Can your name decide your fate?

I was named after Gerwalta Faust, and if that means nothing to you, then you don't know the real story of Little Red Riding Hood.

It is my birthright to lead the House of Red, my destiny to be the next Grand Matron of all hoods. But as the namesake of the Betrayer, am I also doomed to repeat her crimes?

Maybe. I too have fallen in love with a werewolf, and that alone could get us both killed. I don't want to be his enemy, but I also can't imagine living without him. Soon, I'll have to make a choice: my heart or my hood.

Or can I rewrite history and become the Gerwalta who can have them both?

The prequel to the bestselling urban fantasy fairy tale, The Red Hood Chronicles.


Author: Kendrai Meeks
Narrator: Erin Parker
Publisher: Tulipe Noire Press
Run time: 1 hours 8 minutes
Release Date: 06/10/2019