Ghost at Dusk

Ghost at Dusk

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The ghost story you’ve been waiting for.

One desperate ghost. One psychotic demon. And only one will win.

Tim died on Halloween, 1981. Last year, he haunted his elderly father from the house. But he’s still a captive, tormented—and more determined than ever to slip free from the chains of the past.

The only thing standing in his way is the demon who killed him.

Determined and alone, Tim readies his plan to leave behind the joys, the tragedies, and the memories of the only home he’s ever known. But before he can make his escape, another family moves in. One of the new family members is Alyssa, a teenage girl who becomes obsessed with finding out what happened in 1981. Within weeks of their moving in, Tim devises a way to communicate with her.

When their connection leads them to realize he’s not the demon’s only prisoner, they discover a dark secret—one the demon will do anything to defend.

What really happened on Halloween in 1981? What kept Tim from reaching the other prisoners? And how far will the demon go to stop him now?

From the bestselling author of The Books of Conjury comes this darkly funny, chilling novel of contemporary horror. 


Author: Kevan Dale, Kevan Dale
Narrator: Mark Sanderlin
Publisher: Kevan Dale Fiction
Run time: 9 hours 30 minutes
Release Date: 08/19/2019