The Devil's Key

The Devil's Key

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A novel of supernatural horror unlike anything you’ve heard.

How can you stop the Devil from taking what’s his?

Finn Carey never quits. A young Irishman working in the mills of Massachusetts, he’ll fight tooth and nail for his family. But when the ship carrying them from Ireland drifts ashore with no one left alive, Finn refuses to believe they’re gone.

Tales spread of an evil escaped from the ship, of churches and cemeteries defiled. Convinced they’re connected to the whereabouts of his kin, Finn leaps into a desperate race against a foe whose determination matches his own. 

When a beautiful devil-hunting nun from Latvia arrives claiming to hold the terrifying truth, Finn realizes there’s more at stake than just his family.

What really happened on the doomed ship? Can Finn stay one step ahead of the darkness stalking the canals? And can he keep the Devil himself from taking what he came looking for?

From the author of Ghost at Dusk comes this atmospheric, page-turning novel of supernatural horror.


Author: Kevan Dale
Narrator: Gary Furlong
Publisher: Kevan Dale Fiction
Run time: 7 hours 0 minutes
Release Date: 05/25/2019