The Governor's Witch: Volume One of The Books of Witchery

The Governor's Witch: Volume One of The Books of Witchery

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She’s the Minister of Magickal Sciences. She’s also a witch.

How then could a simple disappearance leave her outmatched?

Kate Finch feels like an imposter—even though she’s as well versed in the unseen arts as anyone. Between the secrets she keeps and the unending gossip swirling around her, even she’s beginning to wonder if she’s up for the job.

The chance to prove herself comes when her most vocal critic approaches her with a mystery stranger than any she’s known: a woman both dead and undead; unquiet spirits immune to her witchcraft; signs of a deadly realm of ghosts.

Into this riddle steps a rival Kate never expected: the only other witch in the Colonies.

Can Kate unlock the secret of the dead while staying one step ahead of a sociopathic rival? Will she uncover the unseen hand at work behind the uncanny magic? And can she prove to her detractors—and to herself—she’s worthy of the office she holds?

Magic, mystery, and the infernal come alive in this sharp and intricate fantasy novel from the author of The Books of Conjury.


Author: Kevan Dale
Narrator: Victoria Boulton
Publisher: Kevan Dale Fiction
Run time: 8 hours 24 minutes
Release Date: 10/31/2020