The Magic of Unkindness: The Books of Conjury Volume One

The Magic of Unkindness: The Books of Conjury Volume One

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Your next favorite fantasy heroine. 

Sweeping magic. Hidden realms. High-stakes intrigue. And she’s only getting started.

Kate Finch can’t see a way out. Murderous spirits stalk her. Determined killers mistake her for a corpse and bring her to the most harrowing place imaginable.

But what if the demon-swept ruins of Salem hold the one secret powerful enough to reignite her guttering hope? That’s the promise offered by August Swaine, the greatest sorcerer of the age - if Kate dares to take on a role as his assistant.

Staying one step ahead of mayhem comes naturally to her. So does a curious ability to master spells. But when the hidden perils of Salem drag Swaine off into a twilight world of unstable magic, Kate confronts a threat unlike anything she ever imagined.

Her unending determination helped her outwit demons and thugs - but can she fight her way through a perilous realm of magic to rescue her new mentor?

All she has is unending determination.

And one flicker of hope…


Author: Kevan Dale
Narrator: Victoria Boulton
Publisher: Kevan Dale Fiction
Run time: 12 hours 38 minutes
Release Date: 04/29/2019