Mom's Night Out, A Novel

Mom's Night Out, A Novel

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Helicopter parent Kelly Birkby’s overactive imagination has her constantly on guard against threats to her young family —killer bees, the impending tsunami, roaming rabid dogs. But when her wallet is stolen and her beloved Southern California beach town becomes the target of an actual crime spree, she takes it upon herself to fight back by enlisting the most formidable force she knows: the moms of the town. Armed with lightening quick skills honed by the demands of motherhood, each monthly night out for Kelly and her friends achieves a small victory. Emboldened, the moms step up their game and quickly learn it’s one thing to bring down graffiti thugs and petty thieves, yet another to take on the local drug trade, and are soon in over their heads.

Rollicking, warm, funny and just a little bit dark Mom’s Night Out is a story of friendship, love and the lengths people go to in order to protect their home and children. 


Author: Lara Shea
Narrator: Whitney Cicero
Publisher: Lara Shea
Run time: 10 hours 37 minutes
Release Date: 09/15/2020