Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: Using CBT to Battle Anxiety,Depression, and Intrusive Thoughts

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: Using CBT to Battle Anxiety,Depression, and Intrusive Thoughts

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Do you feel depression, fear,or anxiety?Do you have nightmares?

flashbacks, panic attacks,or intrusive thoughts?Is your worldview distorted and causing you to be angry all the time?Don’t worry, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy:Using CBT to Battle Anxiety,Depression,and Intrusive Thoughts will help you to start reframing those negative thought patterns and begin battling the cognitive distortions that make you unhappy.You will be exposed to techniques and activities that help reshape your life to more closely match your core beliefs.Cognitive behavioral therapy is the most widely used therapy because it works well in dealing with so many disorders and conditions.This book is a window into the world of cognitive behavioral therapy, the techniques, and activities that help with anxiety, depression, eating disorders, persistent pain, and intrusive thoughts.No matter if you are an aspiring therapist, someone who is looking for a therapist,or just curious about psychotherapy techniques, this book is for you.Within you will find the tools and essentials to either begin practicing or gain information about the various aspects of cognitive behavioral therapy.This book will help you take the next step to understand why you act the way you do,how to improve those thoughts,and to stay positive about your life, mistakes,and worries so that you avoid negative situations and cognitive distortions.Within this book,you will,Learn who can benefit from cognitive behavioral therapy.Discover what behaviors and disorders CBT can help with.Get advice on how to find a therapist.Gain information about various cognitive distortions and how they impact your life.

Learn how to avoid negative behaviors that cause anxiety and depression.Discover the activities that alter your negativity into positivity.Learn about visualization techniques.Discover constructive worrying about how to keep your worrying focused for a positive outcome.


Author: Lawrence Franz
Narrator: Jason R Gray
Publisher: TheHeirs Publishing company
Run time: 1 hours 28 minutes
Release Date: 03/12/2019