Daisy the Dragon: (4  Books in 1)

Daisy the Dragon: (4 Books in 1)

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Book 1:Dragon Has As A Cold 

Baby Dragon Has A Cold is a wonderful bedtime story for young children, in which they learn how even animals sometimes become ill and have to wait until they get better before they can have fun again. This rhyming story is accompanied by delightful color illustrations throughout the book that are sure to thrill young readers. 

 Book 2: Daisy Dragon Goes To School 

Parents and teachers can also use Daisy Dragon Goes To School to teach children about how they can prepare to start their school experience, meet new people, learn wonderful new things, and forge long-term friendships.  

 Book 3: Daisy Dragon Learns To Fly 

Daisy Dragon is learning how to fly. However, her wings are still small and she doubts if she’ll ever be able to fly like her brother. Children will identify with Daisy as she wonders if she’ll ever learn and sometimes wants to give up altogether. Parents and teachers can similarly use Daisy Dragon Learns To Fly to teach children about how they should persevere when learning new skills and how all the effort will be worth it in the end.  

Book 4-Daisy Dragon Visits Her Grandparents 

Many children will identify with Daisy’s adventures away from home as she and her bother enjoy spending time with their grandparents. Parents and teachers can also use Daisy Dragon Visits Her Grandparents to teach children about the benefits of spending time with all their family members, valuing their older relatives, and making the most of every day.  


Author: Kelly Curtiss
Narrator: Elaine Cashmore
Publisher: The Heirs Publishing Company
Run time: 8 minutes
Release Date: 12/24/2019