Elly Elephant’s: (4  Books in 1)

Elly Elephant’s: (4 Books in 1)

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The Elly Elephant’s series is a light-hearted, enjoyable illustration book meant to engage and entertain young children, while also providing valuable lessons to take away for real-life situations. With adorable characters and colorful drawings, it will be nearly impossible for your child to turn his or her attention away from the storyline. 


Your child will be able to tune in to the life of Elly Elephant and follow her through tough times, along with how she solves these problems. From reading stories about Elly’s first day to getting lost in the wild, your child will be eager to flip the pages to find out what happens next. 


In “Elly Elephant’s”, your child will experience: 


  • Vibrant, engaging pictures that will make them giggle and smile 
  • 4 different stories about Elly Elephant, her family, and her animal friends, all in one place 
  • Catchy rhymes to enhance the story’s adventurous plot 
  • Valuable life-lessons easily applicable to real-world situations 
  • Short and sweet narrations meant for children ages 2 to 5 


The market is filled with children’s books, but the most valuable children’s books are the ones with a balance of: 

A. Attention-grabbing characters 

B.Colorful pictures 

C. Relatable messages 


And the one thing to never be forgotten… 


D. A dash of silliness to bind it all together 


Author: Kelly Curtiss
Narrator: Elaine Cashmore
Publisher: The Heirs Publishing Company
Run time: 1 minutes
Release Date: 01/06/2020