Photographic Memory: How to improving your memory and learn how to learn

Photographic Memory: How to improving your memory and learn how to learn

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Do you have problems with memory? Does your partner constantly berate you for forgetting important days in his or her life? Is your boss fed up having to remind you of every deadline of every project? If any of these questions or other memory-related questions plagues you then you have come to the right place.

This book has memory improvement techniques that will help improve your brain function while giving you amazing opportunities to improve your memory power to lead a meaningful and fulfilling life. So, whether you are a student, teacher, lawyer, translator, accountant, or in any other professional, the tips and tricks given in this book will help you improve your memory and lead a more productive and efficient life than before.

The following items are discussed in the book:

  • The benefits of having excellent memory
  • The connection between our memory skills and our brain
  • How creative thinking and visualization help you improve your memory
  • The peg system and how to use it
  • Tips to remember names
  • How to create mind maps
  • What is the memory palace and how to create one
  • Other general memory improvement tips

So, if you want to leverage the advantage of the tips mentioned above and more, download to get started today.


Author: Lawrence Franz
Narrator: Jason R. Gray
Publisher: The Heirs Publishing Company
Run time: 1 hours 26 minutes
Release Date: 10/14/2020