Walk Like You: One intriguing crime, two unlikely sisters to solve it.

Walk Like You: One intriguing crime, two unlikely sisters to solve it.

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When a major railway accident turns into a bizarre case of a missing body, will this PI’s hunt for the truth take her way off track?

London. Private investigator Chrissy Livingstone’s dirty work has taken her down a different path to her family. But when her upper-class sister begs her to locate a friend missing after a horrific train crash, she feels duty-bound to assist. Though when the two dig deeper, all the evidence seems to lead to one mysterious conclusion: the woman doesn’t want to be found.

Still with no idea why the woman was on the train, and an unidentified body uncannily resembling the missing person lying unclaimed in the mortuary, the sisters follow a trail of cryptic clues through France. The mystery deepens when they learn someone else is searching, and their motive could be murder…

Can Chrissy find the woman before she meets a terrible fate?

Walk Like You is the second book in the gripping Chrissy Livingstone thriller series. If you like hard-nosed heroines, quirky characters, and pages packed with suspense, you’ll love Linda Coles’s twisted tale.

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Author: Linda Coles
Narrator: Aoife McMahon
Publisher: Blue Banana
Run time: 9 hours 0 minutes
Release Date: 04/10/2020