Junker Blues: The Belt: Junker Blues Series

Junker Blues: The Belt: Junker Blues Series

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Spinning away from Mars was not what Marcus thought would be the best part of his day. Coming out of his escape; he finds an enemy waiting in the wings of his ship that he has to make a deal with, a commune that has some interesting customs, a colony of Alters, and even an old "friend" who helped him escape his Eridani overlord. But, his friend cashes in that chip. He wants Marcus to help lure a mutual friend, Lash, into the Belt and set up a trap using a Judas Contract.


Author: Lon E. Varnadore
Narrator: Kenneth Toles
Publisher: Lon E. Varnadore
Run time: 5 hours 48 minutes
Release Date: 09/30/2020