Hypnotic Meditation & Affirmations for Writers

Hypnotic Meditation & Affirmations for Writers

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This audiobook contains 2 sessions, a guided hypnotic meditation and 110 affirmations for programming successful writing while relaxing or falling asleep.

Meditation is a fantastic way to plan a writing project.  By relaxing the mind and releasing stress, you can access your subconscious minds creative source to bring forth ideas more easily to your conscious mind. 

There's a science behind affirmations. It's a well established psychological theory that using positive affirmations helps program the mind to achieve the desired results and goals that are set. Using these affirmations for writers, will help you take action, decrease stress, improve self-esteem and stop procrastinating.


Author: Ivy Starlight
Narrator: Ivy Starlight
Publisher: Shoushockie Publishing House
Run time: 2 hours 8 minutes
Release Date: 07/29/2020