Markup & Profit: A Contractor's Guide, Revisited

Markup & Profit: A Contractor's Guide, Revisited

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Few construction companies fail because of poor building practice; they fail because of poor pricing practice. To succeed in construction, you have to price your jobs to cover all labor, material and overhead expenses, pay yourself a decent salary, and make a profit that will keep your company thriving. And a large part of that is knowing how to figure the correct markup for your business. 

But calculating markup is only part of the picture. If you're going to beat the odds and stay in business, profitably, you also need to know how to write good contracts, manage your crews, work with subcontractors and collect on your work. The principles outlined here apply to all construction-related businesses.

You'll find tried and tested formulas to guarantee profits, with step-by-step instructions and easy-to-follow examples to help you learn how to operate your business successfully. Information is included on how to access the forms and charts. 

In this hands-on manual, Michael Stone, a highly-successful contractor, lecturer and construction consultant, provides the keys to a profitable business. He covers the business basics of running a construction company, whether you're a general or specialty contractor working in remodeling, new construction or commercial work. 


Author: Michael C Stone
Narrator: Michael C Stone
Publisher: Construction Programs & Results
Run time: 14 hours 13 minutes
Release Date: 04/15/2020