10 Short Stories: Volume 2

10 Short Stories: Volume 2

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This anthology contains a mix of mostly humorous short stories. It contains the following stories:

Jared Pond Saves (and Deflowers) an Arabic Princess.

The Meditation Camp.

The Shooting at Dave's Mansion.

Diah Lubis and the Polish Sausage Quest.

Diah Lubis and the Pursuit of the Cave Truffles.

The Downfall of the Virtuous Todd Connelly.

The Deaths at Rosscairn Island.

Jared Pond and the Guane Shaman.

The Double Date.

Diah Lubis and the Minotaur.


Author: Martin Lundqvist
Narrator: Martin Lundqvist, Elaine Hidayat
Publisher: Martin Lundqvist
Run time: 1 hours 58 minutes
Release Date: 03/12/2021