A Family Affair Shorts Boxed Set: Park Bench series Books 1-5

A Family Affair Shorts Boxed Set: Park Bench series Books 1-5

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The story before the story... What happened before A Family Affair began? Bestselling author Mary Campisi answers this question in her new Park Bench series. These short stories make the perfect park-bench read and are named after her signature park-bench covers.

Book One: A Family Affair Shorts: Destiny. A chance meeting between Charles Blacksworth and Miriam Desantro in a grocery store becomes the key to the Truth in Lies series.

Book Two: A Family Affair Shorts: Regret. Harry Blacksworth is filled with angst and guilt after sleeping with his brother's wife. This affair fractures Charles and Gloria's relationship.

Book Three: A Family Affair Shorts: Love. Charles's suffers confusion and indecision as he breaks off his relationship with Miriam. The birth of Lily brings hope and unconditional love.

Book Four: A Family Affair Shorts: Heartbreak. When Gloria discovers her husband is having an affair, she vows revenge and grows bitter that life has not turned out as she's planned. 

Book Five: A Family Affair Shorts: Peace. On the last day of Charles Blacksworth's life, he promises Miriam that next month they'll talk about the future. Nate admits his unwanted attraction to the woman in Lily's photo albums--Charles's daughter, Christine.


Author: Mary Campisi
Narrator: Don Warrick
Publisher: Mary Campisi Books, LLC
Run time: 3 hours 57 minutes
Release Date: 07/15/2019