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A lonely young lady and an ambitious young man - what will they do to save the house they love? And will it bring them happiness?

A traditional Regency romance, drawing room rather than bedroom.

Hope has no wish to marry, but it’s almost five years since her father died, and the final peculiar clause of his will is about to come into effect: if Hope’s brothers can’t be found, then the whole estate will be bequeathed to the church, and Hope must move to the Dower House with her mother. There’s just one way out: her cousin Hugo can inherit Allamont Hall, but only if he marries Hope. Can she bear to give up the chance of finding a man who loves her, even if it means saving her home?

Hugo was a wild, troubled young man until his father suggested he help out his fatherless cousins and look after the finances at Allamont Hall. He discovered an unexpected passion for the house and the land, and there’s a chance he can own it all, if he can just persuade his cousin Hope to marry him. And even if he manages that, there’s still the risk that her long-lost brothers will turn up and snatch everything away from him.

Book 6 of the 6-book series The Daughters of Allamont Hall. Each book is a complete story with a HEA, but read them all to find out all the secrets of Allamont Hall!


Author: Mary Kingswood
Narrator: Joanna Stephens
Publisher: Sutors Publishing
Run time: 8 hours 35 minutes
Release Date: 12/31/2020