Lord Montague

Lord Montague

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A traditional Regency romance, drawing room rather than bedroom.

Lord Montague Marford is looking forward to a quiet life as clergyman of a rural parish where he can hope to do some good. But sometimes his compassionate nature gets him into trouble, and when a bedraggled young woman turns up on the doorstep to call in a long-forgotten debt, Monty’s sense of honour compels him to offer to marry her. But he soon begins to wonder if he’s made a huge mistake.

Miss Melissa Frost is very grateful, and thrilled to find herself surrounded by luxury. It’s just like a fairy tale, and although Monty is an unlikely prince, she’d love to be his princess and make him happy. But she daren’t tell him the truth — that she’s run away from home and her guardian wants her back. She has to keep Monty at arm’s length until she comes of age, or she could lose him altogether.

Book 4 of the 5-book Sons of the Marquess series, each a complete story with a HEA, but read all of them to find out all the secrets of the Marford family!


Author: Mary Kingswood
Narrator: Joanna Stephens
Publisher: Sutors Publishing
Run time: 8 hours 48 minutes
Release Date: 02/02/2019