The Seamstress

The Seamstress

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A traditional Regency romance, drawing room rather than bedroom.

Miss Fanny Winterton has only one wish in her romantic heart — to surrender to overwhelming love. She will accept nothing less than to be struck by the thunderbolt of everlasting passion. Real life isn’t quite so obliging, however, so while she waits for the fires of love to ignite, she is content to ply her needle as a lowly seamstress for her noble patroness.

The Honourable Ferdinand Makenham has no wish at all to marry, until one glimpse of Fanny’s sweet expression convinces him that he has found the love of his life. Now all he has to do is to persuade her to accept him, but is he romantic enough to win her affection? As he sets about his courtship, he and Fanny are drawn into the mysterious death of a young woman and life gets complicated.

Book 4 of the 5-book Sisters of Woodside Mysteries series, each a complete story with a HEA, but read all of them to find out all the secrets of the Winterton family!


Author: Mary Kingswood
Narrator: Joanna Stephens
Publisher: Sutors Publishing
Run time: 14 hours 28 minutes
Release Date: 01/20/2020