The Silver Linings Mysteries Collection

The Silver Linings Mysteries Collection

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1100 pages and hours of reading in one collection — books 1-3 of the Silver Linings Mysteries, a series of traditional Regency romances, drawing room rather than bedroom.

The sinking of the Brig Minerva results in many deaths, while for others, the future is suddenly brighter. But it’s not always easy to leave the past behind…

In book 1, Nell Caldicott awaits the return of her violent sailor husband with trepidation, but for once her fears are not realised. Her husband’s ship, the Brig Minerva, has sunk off the Cornish coast. Nell is free, but her husband has left her with little money and many questions about his past. Gradually, as his secrets are laid bare, she realises she didn’t know her husband at all.

In book 2, Caroline Milburn and her younger sisters live in two cramped rooms, struggling to survive by their skills in lace making and weaving. When their previously unknown grandfather drowns on the Brig Minerva and bequeaths them a cottage in the country, their lives seem set to improve. But where will the daughters of a linen draper fit into rural life, now that they are better off?

In book 3, Annie Dresden is twenty-six years old, with no fortune, and nothing but a quick, practical mind to recommend her. Taken in by her apothecary uncle after her father’s death, she’s happy to be his assistant but there’s no future for her as an apothecary. The only proper career for a woman is as a wife and mother, but for Annie the possibility is dwindling. When a long-forgotten suitor returns, it seems fate has given her another chance.

Books 1-3 of the 6 book series Silver Linings Mysteries. Each book is a complete story with a happy ever after ending, but read them all to find out all the secrets of the sinking of the Brig Minerva!


Author: Mary Kingswood
Narrator: Joanna Stephens
Publisher: Sutors Publishing
Run time: 36 hours 21 minutes
Release Date: 04/12/2022