Let God Send: Crossing Boundaries and Serving In Christ's Name

Let God Send: Crossing Boundaries and Serving In Christ's Name

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You have a calling, but you also have a “sending.”

A calling is a familiar idea. People search for their true calling, hoping to find what they were made to do, eager to fulfill their life’s purpose. Let God Send reminds us that regardless of our individual vocation, we are always sent people, propelled by God’s Spirit into the world to serve others. This sent-ness comes from the very nature of God who is always on the move in our world. Jesus was sent. The Holy Spirit is sent. Abraham and Moses were sent. The first disciples became sent-ones as well.

The journeyers in the biblical narrative show us that when God sends, the path is never clear or direct. Being sent can be daunting, disconcerting, and disorienting. We can feel under-qualified, under-educated, or unprepared. But none of our hesitancy changes the reality that a life of following Jesus is a life of being sent out. 

Using strong biblical narratives and questions for reflection or group discussion, Matt Brough guides us into an examination of what holds us back from making a move, how to go in a humble and listening way, and ultimately what each disciple of Jesus is called to do in our going. Let God Send is a straightforward, plainspoken plea for people who follow Jesus to get moving.


Author: Matt Brough
Narrator: Rick Morrison
Publisher: Thicket Books
Run time: 2 hours 44 minutes
Release Date: 11/02/2020