Neanderthal King: An Epic YA Medieval Fantasy Adventure

Neanderthal King: An Epic YA Medieval Fantasy Adventure

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Imagine Game of Thrones, but with Neanderthals too!

It’s 1107, and the once-great Neanderthal empire is no more, laid waste by the dark Sapien king, Isaac, the same bastard who slaughtered the Thal queen’s young heirs. A brutal reversal of medieval power forged in blood and fueled by Sap ingenuity.

But one babe escaped the mad king’s wrath.

Raised the son of a simple Thal herder, Maralek’s a rough lad with the ferocious pride and temper of his ruined people, a scorn for rules and rulers, and less than a little creativity in his thick skull. In a word, your average Neanderthal.

And life’s livable, until King Isaac resumes his bloodthirsty crusade, and Maralek’s forced into slaving shackles. Then, a rowdy caravan, a mysterious gypsy, a whispered prophecy… A whirlwind of devastation and war as his master is murdered, his fate unwoven, and his world ripped asunder in an epic battle to end all.

Neanderthal King is a historic epic YA fantasy by renowned science fiction and fantasy author, Matt Ward, that features savage twists and darker secrets, raging kings and enslaved heirs, and an audaciously ambitious coming of age quest set in an alternative medieval Europe. If you love Brandon Sanderson, Ursula le Guin, or Robin Hobb, or explosive high and low fantasy classics like Lord of the Rings, the Kingkiller Chronicles, and the Earthsea Cycle, you’ll love this heroic historical tale.

Buy Neanderthal King today for a bold new take on a daring fantastic adventure… right up to its shocking conclusion.

Praise for Neanderthal King:

“'ll abandon your love for elves, dwarves, and hobbits and draw you out of your armchair and into the turbulent world of humanity's distant and conflicted prehistory." - S Shane Thomas, author of A Paleolithic Fable (Anki Legacies)

Grab your copy, and discover the epic saga today!


Author: Matt Ward
Narrator: Geoffrey Boyes
Publisher: Myrmani Press
Run time: 10 hours 27 minutes
Release Date: 09/01/2020