Scythe: Legions of the Claimed

Scythe: Legions of the Claimed

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What would you risk for a place to call home?

When loner motorcycle mechanic Sly Morgan lands in Chicago and assumes a false identity, he believes he can finally let his guard down. Finally stop running.

But no one escapes the Legions.

Brutally stabbed, Sly is enslaved to the Legions by the antigen they inject in his blood, putting all those around him in danger.

His forced role plunges him into a battle for loyalty, honor, and a new family he doesn’t believe he deserves, giving him a chance at a life and love with a woman that could fill his hollow soul with light.

Can he break free of centuries of sacrifice, or will he succumb to the darkness of the Legions forever?

“A soul for a soul, a death for a death. Your heart, blood run slow and remain dammed forever more.

I Claim you.”

Scythe is the first book in a series of dark urban fantasy novels. If you like broken heroes, gritty underworlds, and villains you long to hate, with a punch of sarcasm, then you’ll love Mercy Hollow’s modern-day Chicago series.

Buy Scythe Legions of the Claimed and get captured in this shadowy new world today!


Author: Mercy Hollow
Narrator: Melanie Hooks
Publisher: Dark Daydreams Books
Run time: 11 hours 35 minutes
Release Date: 03/24/2020