Out of Control

Out of Control

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Billy Brandt has searched his whole life for a place to belong; and, when he discovers the family that was always meant to be his, Billy feels like he’s finally found a place to call home.

Caught in a tangled web of lousy decisions and far-reaching consequence, Genesis Roberts is a small-town girl with big city dreams.

Can Billy find a way to break Genesis out of the cycle of abuse and addiction that has gotten so out of control? And, more importantly, is God’s love and mercy big enough to cover a lifetime of regret?

Warm Sensuality / Rare, Mild Profanity

"Out of Africa" Series

Set in California during the late 1970s, the Out of Africa series covers the lives of John and Catherine Brandt along with a host of family and friends. Meeting the challenges of life with faith, hope, and love, this dynamic couple faces every day with a good dose of prayer, common sense, and humor.

  • Out of the Ashes
  • Out of Time
  • Out of Desperation
  • Out of the Past
  • Out of the Blue
  • Out of Control
  • Out of Touch
  • Out of Options
  • And the prequel, Mercies in Disguise


Author: Michele Pollock Dalton
Narrator: Rick Barr
Publisher: Michele Pollock Dalton
Run time: 9 hours 2 minutes
Release Date: 06/20/2020