Moving Jack

Moving Jack

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"A delightful story that shows supernatural beings can be romantic—and also very funny." - Kirkus Reviews

She leads the rebellion.

Jack Daniels is an awkward, topnotch programmer and hacker as well as the secret vampire-lifestyle blogger known as iByte. Becoming a vampire should have been the wildest thing to happen to her, but when a supposedly benign, pamphlet-bearing, alien species makes first contact something sends her vampie-sense tingling.

He is the enemy.

Tarc, Commander of the Alien Relocation Cooperative (ARC), thought that accepting the contract to relocate the incredibly creative, though somewhat primitive humans, off of their dying planet would be a breeze. Unfortunately, reality was not as advertised and he is left trying to suppress various rebellion groups refusing to fall in line with his well-organized plans. An oh-so-close encounter with a potentially dangerous, human female leaves him confused yet determined to uncover all that she is hiding.  

Or is he?

When Jack and Tarc collide, neither one can maintain their control. Torn between their individual loyalties and their rising desire for each other, passions flare, bloodletting ensues, and secrets are revealed. 

Warning – this book contains sarcastic AI, prophetic t-shirts, and a profound appreciation for pizza.

Content Warning - Supernatural torture, discussed childhood emotional abuse, and power dynamics.

Meant for Mature Audiences Only.


Author: Michelle Mars
Narrator: Valentina Ortiz, Logan McAllister
Publisher: Michelle Mars
Run time: 9 hours 43 minutes
Release Date: 03/13/2020