Any Given Sundae

Any Given Sundae

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All good things must cone to an end . . .

Sibyl Potts has finally been awarded her long-awaited property settlement, and the fact her ex-husband has been sentenced for her attempted murder is the cherry on top.

Yet just as all seems sweet in her world, the body of one of Cressida’s boarders is found in Sibyl’s cottage next to a half eaten ice cream sundae.

Looks like there’s a rocky road ahead. When all the evidence points to Sibyl as the culprit, how will she scoop out the evidence and prove her innocence? And will the murderer get their just desserts?

Book 5 in this USA Today Best-selling series.


Author: Morgana Best
Narrator: Amy Soakes
Publisher: Best Cosy Books
Run time: 3 hours 59 minutes
Release Date: 10/29/2020