Natural-born Grillers

Natural-born Grillers

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A group of philosophers at a Socrates convention. Sounds like fun? Maybe not . . . but then there's the body.

When one of the new boarders, an eminent professor of Socratic philosophy, is found poisoned by hemlock in a meal of quail, eccentric boarding house owner Cressida Upthorpe soon becomes the main suspect.

Sibyl Potts, with the help of Mr Buttons, launches herself into the investigation, much to the consternation of stressed police officer Blake Wessley who is busy grilling the other suspects.

As the body count mounts, will Sibyl be able to clear Cressida's name and find the real killer?

Roast assured, it will all turn out well . . . for some.

Natural-born Grillers is Book 2 in this USA Today Bestselling cozy mystery series.


Author: Morgana Best
Narrator: Amy Soakes
Publisher: Best Cosy Books
Run time: 4 hours 10 minutes
Release Date: 07/15/2020