Soul Bound: A Kat Drummond Short Story

Soul Bound: A Kat Drummond Short Story

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I thought moving into a new apartment would be easy…

Even in this world of magic and monsters, moving out shouldn’t be too hard, right?

With help from the ghost in my head, I hunt monsters to pay the bills and pay my way through university. Now it’s time I finally get my own place.

Through lopping off zombie and giant rat heads, I should have enough money, right?

But if there’s anything consistent about living in Hope City, things are seldom easy.

My name is Kat Drummond, and I’m a part-time monster hunter.

Soul Bound is a prequel short story to Part-Time Monster Hunter and the Kat Drummond Series. Follow a young and newbie Kat as she carves a name for herself out of the Hope City monster hunting scene in this action-packed and snarky urban fantasy.


Author: Nicholas Woode-Smith
Narrator: Scott Miller, Anna Capraro
Publisher: Warpmancer Press
Run time: 54 minutes
Release Date: 03/31/2021