Death at the Summit: Target Practice Mysteries 2

Death at the Summit: Target Practice Mysteries 2

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When a new Westwood employee with old grudges is murdered during the brand summit, Di starts investigating with roommate Mary and Great Dane Moo at her side.

After a snowstorm strands all the suspects at the Westmound Center and the only cop present asks Di and Mary not to get in the way, they have to keep a low profile. 

It’s no surprise that Mac was murdered. He was a sexist bigot who used his business to take advantage of others prior to being bought out by Westmound. With so many suspects, will they be able to find the real killer?

A humorous cozy murder for every sleuth in the family

This is the second book in a brand-new series set at the fictional Westmound Center for Competitive Shooting Sports in rural Wyoming.


Author: Nikki Haverstock
Narrator: Nikki Haverstock
Publisher: Ranch Dog Entertainment, LLC
Run time: 3 hours 18 minutes
Release Date: 05/21/2019