A Time for Dying

A Time for Dying

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When private detective Phil Pfeiffer opened his door to a late-night visitor, the haunting dream borne of a Bahamian prison walked back into his mundane existence. She had stolen his breath at poolside and in some way, his life as well. Now, she needed protection from a mobster ex-boyfriend. Her distress overcame his better judgment as he agreed to help one last time. After a wild west shootout that left him more confused than hurt, he found himself standing alone at the junction of yet another crossroad. Before the day is out, Pfeiffer must weigh his own life against that of the villain. In the end, he must take both.


Author: Oliver F. Chase
Narrator: Patrick Treadway, Aubrey Shimek-Davis, Katie Pankow
Publisher: Pearl River Publishing Group
Run time: 7 hours 45 minutes
Release Date: 07/24/2021