One’s Company: A Novel

One’s Company: A Novel

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Bonnie Lincoln just wants to be left alone. To come home from work, shut out the voice that reminds her of some devastating losses, and unwind in front of the nostalgic, golden glow of her favorite TV show, Three's Company.

When Bonnie wins the lottery, a more grandiose vision--to completely shuck off her own troublesome identity--takes shape. She plans a drastic move to an isolated mountain retreat where she can re-create the iconic apartment set of Three's Company and slip into the lives of its main characters: no-nonsense Janet Wood, pleasantly airheaded Chrissy Snow, and confident Jack Tripper. While her best friend, Krystal, tries to drag her back to her old life, Bonnie is determined to transcend pain, trauma, and the baggage of her past by immersing herself in the ultimate binge-watch.


Author: Ashley Hutson
Narrator: Rachel Jacobs
Publisher: OrangeSky Audio
Run time: 9 hours 43 minutes
Release Date: 06/14/2022