A Need To Breathe: A Novel from A Dying World

A Need To Breathe: A Novel from A Dying World

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Disease ravaged the world. Can Lena escape the city before the gangs take over?

Lena’s city is changing. Her students fall to gangs. Her husband is consumed by his job of creating and enforcing the rules that strangle her. Staying with him means accepting a life constrained by rules and a slow decline into despair.

The world outside might be empty of people, but it’s full of hope and opportunity. If she can reach the farm, Lena will make a better life for herself and anyone who risks it all to join her.

If you enjoy thoughtful fiction about a changing world, you’ll love A Need To Breathe. A story of the journey from a world crumbling into decline to a life of hope.


Buy A Need To Breathe today and join Lena and her companions on their flight to a free life.


Author: P A Wilson
Narrator: P A Wilson
Publisher: Perry Wilson Books
Run time: 7 hours 31 minutes
Release Date: 04/20/2019