Blood Magic Blues

Blood Magic Blues

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A client they can’t trust and a rumor that bodes disaster. Can Fernlight and Bramble succeed before someone else dies?

When Fernlight and Bramble open their private detection agency, they dream of bridging the gap between humans and magical beings. 

Since the prophesy was fulfilled five years prior that allowed humans to see magical beings, relations have been a little . . . tense. 

Now their first client walks through the door. An agent of HOP-D the organization responsible for many disappeared fairies, sprites, and other magical folk. They must put aside their fears and take the case.

Someone is manufacturing a drug that will give humans the ability to cast magic, and it’s up to The Magic Search Agency to stop it. History tells how humans handle power and it’s not told by the survivors because the dead don’t talk.

If you love imaginative and complex worlds filled with engaging characters, suspense, and a twist of the unexpected, you’ll enjoy the first book in the HOP-D cases.

Grab a copy of Blood Magic Blues today and follow Fernlight and Bramble as they dig into secrets people want kept hidden.  


Author: P A Wilson
Narrator: P A Wilson
Publisher: Perry Wilson Books
Run time: 7 hours 12 minutes
Release Date: 05/02/2020