So Far Away: A Pride and Prejudice Novel

So Far Away: A Pride and Prejudice Novel

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Listeners who enjoyed Lady Elizabeth (Everything Will Change Book One) won't want to miss So Far Away!

Now that Elizabeth knows the truth about her past, she has returned to Longbourn. Wanting to reclaim her rightful place in the lives of her Bennet relations, she needs time before considering a life far away in Derbyshire with Mr. Darcy.

He promised he would wait for her for as long as it takes. With so much distance between the two of them, the question soon became how long is too long.

When at last Darcy and Elizabeth are reunited in Hertfordshire, allegations and misunderstandings threaten to tear them apart. The question now becomes how much is too much.

What Listeners Said:

"The story is very intense, and I read it with my heart on my sleeve."

"I love Ms. Hewitt's ability to draw you in when speaking Ms. Dixon's heartwarming, engaging dialogue!"

"Ms. Hewitt is able to capture the nuances of the dialogue perfectly, as well as create suspense when lies are exposed. This lovely two-book story is extremely well-written and heartwarming!! I love this story!!!"

"I very much enjoyed this book. Pam Dixon has written another page-turner. It was difficult to put this book down."


Author: P. O. Dixon
Narrator: Pearl Hewitt
Publisher: P. O. Dixon
Run time: 5 hours 7 minutes
Release Date: 03/17/2022