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She's young, beautiful, and sensuous. He's her teacher. The attraction they feel is electric, a passionate storm of feelings. Will they give in to their hearts?

Bernard is a widower with a passion for teaching. It's been over a decade since the loss of his wife, and the pain is finally starting to heal.

Gianna is the new girl in town. She's enchanting and filled with that Italian allure, the total package.

The day she steps into Bernard's office for help in his class, life takes an unexpected turn. The attraction between them is electric, the outcome inevitable.

Gianna and Bernard begin and awkward relationship, each fighting their own demons. For him, it's the teacher student stigma. For her, it's fighting the fantasies of having a man she knows she’s not supposed to have.

Passion lingers a breath away as they try to control their desires and the urge to fall into each other. How long can they control their hearts before they collide in a fury of romance? Will passion win or is their future doomed from the start?

Tutored in Love is the story of missed opportunities, budding feelings of lust and desire, and two vastly different lives intertwining at the perfect moment in life.

Order your copy now and fall head first into this passionate romance.


Author: Paul Director
Narrator: Kevin McAlister
Publisher: Paul Director
Run time: 1 hours 5 minutes
Release Date: 01/21/2021