My Famous Frenemy

My Famous Frenemy

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Hollywood heartthrob, Gavin Price invaded our small town, Sunrise Bay, like he owned it.

Gavin was my biggest celebrity crush when I was young. He bears the charisma of an easygoing boy-next-door mixed with a rule-breaker personality both in person and on screen.

For a moment, I thought maybe my fairy godmother sent him to me.

Until he decided to run against my mother for mayor.

Everyone in our town knows my mom’s happiness comes before my own, so I take it as my personal mission to show him who really runs this town.

I just didn’t realize that being my mom’s right-hand woman would put me in such close proximity to him. Very quickly, I question whether he wants to win the mayoral race or me.


Author: Piper Rayne
Narrator: Nelson Hobbs, Ava Lucas
Publisher: Piper Rayne Inc.
Run time: 6 hours 43 minutes
Release Date: 01/24/2022