Master of Hounds: Book 2

Master of Hounds: Book 2

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One man cannot take on an empire.

Or rather, he can try—but it should come as no surprise when he’s crushed by the vast powers arrayed against him. Caius Oppita knows this, but after what he’s seen, it suits him better to go down fighting than to crawl on his hands and knees.

The empire he’s served faithfully since he was a boy now wants him dead, and the lover he thought he could trust has betrayed him in the worst possible way. Maybe Caius can’t win the fight he’s about to undertake, but he’ll damn well drag the imperial family's corruption into the light of day if it kills him.

And if the battle takes him to the same underbelly of the capital where his former lover fled after ripping Caius’ world apart? Well, it won’t be the first time this hardened general has engaged in combat on two fronts.

Not all enemies are what they seem. Sometimes the course of a war can turn on the smallest thing.


Master of Hounds: Book 1 is the first installment in an M/M epic fantasy trilogy by USA Today bestseller R. A. Steffan. It is set in the world of The Eburosi Chronicles, but stands alone. The book contains adult content.

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Author: R. A. Steffan
Narrator: Cornell Collins
Publisher: OtherLove Publishing, LLC
Run time: 6 hours 19 minutes
Release Date: 08/25/2021