Vampire Bound: Book Two

Vampire Bound: Book Two

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My son just vanished into thin air… from a commercial jet cruising at 30,000 feet.

The forces that took him aren't of this world.

I've barely recovered from the revelations that my boss is a vampire and magic is real. Now my child has been kidnapped by Fae who want to rule humanity, and I've acquired powers I can't control.

Blowing doors off their hinges and starting fires with the power of my mind won't help me find Jace. For that, I'll have to trust a man—a vampire—with emotional walls as tall and thick as Fort Knox.

The answers I need won't be found on Earth—but to save my son, I'm ready to brave a realm that drives humans mad. I've been set adrift in a terrifying new world of monsters and magic. Adrift, but not alone. Somehow, I've gained a misfit family among the living and undead.

Just as well, because at this rate, it looks like I'm going to need them.


Vampire Bound is a new urban fantasy romance series by R. A. Steffan, set in the same world as the bestselling series The Last Vampire. Download Book Two today, and enter a world shared by humans, fae, demons, and vampires. It’s a place where the supernatural threatens the mundane, nothing is as it seems, and love will either be the world’s downfall—or its salvation.


Author: R. A. Steffan
Narrator: Gwendolyn Druyor
Publisher: OtherLove Publishing, LLC
Run time: 8 hours 41 minutes
Release Date: 08/05/2021