Bound to End Badly: A darkly humorous romantic comedy about finding true love.

Bound to End Badly: A darkly humorous romantic comedy about finding true love.

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A bawdy, dark comedy about finding true love.

Pete Walker is on a quest to find the perfect woman, aided by his irresponsible best friend. Pete wants that Romeo & Juliet level of passion, whereas his friend thinks Shrek & Donkey is the benchmark for love. Is uninhibited fitness fanatic Penny the one, cat crazy Miranda or muscle-bound Lila, whose hobbies include car theft? Dating is difficult at the best of times, but in a decaying city with a serial killer on the loose, just about impossible.

Meanwhile, 24-year-old Maze, finds that her life has already hit a dead-end. Single and in a job she hates. Lurching from one bad relationship to another and not knowing where life is heading. She can't get a break. Will a chance encounter change their lives or is it all bound to end badly? Especially as Pete is suffering from memory loss and keeps waking up in strange places - dressed in a rather fetching all-black outfit with matching leather gloves.

A British Comedy with Adult Humour.

The Audiobook Review - ★★★★★ -I could picture this being adapted into a funny, if rather bawdy, romantic comedy for the screen. The story played out so vividly in my mind, a mark of a great story being told.

Dark yet hilarious - ★★★★★ - Amazon review

Lots of Laughs - ★★★★★ - Amazon review

Fast-paced and funny - ★★★★★ - Amazon review

Won't disappoint - ★★★★★ - Amazon review

I couldn't put it down - ★★★★★ - Amazon review


Author: R. L. Tiochta
Narrator: Sarah Kempton
Publisher: R. L. Tiochta
Run time: 7 hours 35 minutes
Release Date: 03/17/2022