WHYTE PRIVILEGE: Live Audio Confessions Of Kulio Berken

WHYTE PRIVILEGE: Live Audio Confessions Of Kulio Berken

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In this cinematic novel, unlikely American venture capitalist Kulio Berken unveils the burdens of his conscious in the most candid confession of an urban romance thriller that has become of his life. His story is one of love, loyalty and betrayal and his provocative account is so visually alluring that the interviewer becomes enthralled in an imaginative trance. As the interview endures, Winston Smith, a journalism student began to romanticize every intimate detail through a musical journey of his own mind as he relives Kulio's transition to power from local barbershop fame to one of cocaine legend.


Author: Rachaan The Barber
Narrator: Randy Reid, Kerence Smith, Liz Patterson, Winston Smith
Publisher: Kerence Rachaan Smith
Run time: 38 minutes
Release Date: 08/13/2022