Dr Death: He is more than he seems

Dr Death: He is more than he seems

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Anthology of The Magician stories with Dr Blake Alexander known as Dr Death a Coroner with a dark side.

Good Quotes from : The People From The Center of the Earth a story in audio book

"Glad you are open-minded most people just say I'm mad to believe in the star people!" said the Chicken.

"I believe in aliens!" said Blake. "You do?" said the Chicken his eyes widening.

"Of course we are aliens how could I not believe in us?" said the not-so-human Blake.

"I am not a Flat Earther or a hollow Earther. Nobody lives in the center of any planet," said Blake.

"Blake the Star People are real!" said the Masked Chicken. "No they aren't real still!" said Blake.

The Chicken pushed a News Paper at Blake."Aliens from the center of the Earth take the Human race to court for ownership of the planet!" Blake read. "Did you get this made as a joke?" asked Blake. "I never thought I'd say this to anyone!" Blake said, "Take me to your leader?"

"Who are you human I don't bother my leader with the rabble," said the star person..

"I am Alexandrite Argent the Chief Justice of Sapphirus Argent," said Blake.

"Whose that?" asked the star person. "He's my Grandfather he's only the Emperor of the Universe!"

said Blake getting impatient with the star person. "I will judge your case," said Blake.

"You are biased," said the supreme leader."Yes but without me, your case cannot be legally judged I am the only one who can judge Planetary cases," said Blake. "What's wrong with him," said the supreme leader seeing Lance's Emo son.

"Oh him he's just the Prince of Darkness," said Lance off-handedly. "Hey!" snapped the offended Emo. "Why are everyone happy these strangers want to evict humans from the Earth?" Jnr asked.

"It's our planet!" said the Supreme Leader.

  • Narrators: Rachel Lawson as main narrator, Addison Fell as Alexa in Bad Omens,


Author: Rachel Lawson
Narrator: Rachel Lawson, Addison Fell
Publisher: Paige Turner
Run time: 3 hours 31 minutes
Release Date: 06/01/2022