In The Moonlight

In The Moonlight

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Good quotes from Stand and Deliver: In The Moonlight- story

"Stand and deliver, your money or your life!" shouted the highwayman.

"I hear that you met a real highwayman the other day I wish I had been with you. They are so thrilling and romantic!"

"Hand over your loot! Either give it to me now or I will take it from your body!" Terrence the Terror said.

"I said give it back, Terry!" said Sir Justin.

"Tom your friend is a nut!" Mary said.

"What did he do murder the driver so he could drive the coach?" asked Sir Thomas.

"I bailed up the Terror and took your sister's stuff back as she was under my care!" said Sir Justin.

"New to this are you lad!" said one of them.

"Terry I think you killed him!" said one of the others he was the black-clad highwayman named the Ghost for his sudden appearances and disappearances.

"I just found her here, I was on my way to see you."

"I have never seen anything so beautiful! I could forget everything and live in this moment forever"


Author: Rachel Lawson
Narrator: Rachel Lawson
Publisher: Paige Turner
Run time: 18 minutes
Release Date: 05/21/2022