Out of Time: How can the dead commit robbery?

Out of Time: How can the dead commit robbery?

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"It's dark tonight I hope we aren't seen," a man said to his partner in crime.

"It's like the old days we climb in a window and pray not to get caught," said the thief who was known as the Chameleon to his partner the Cat as they stealthily walked through the garden of their mark.

"The room is the third window on the second story," said the Cat examining the building. The Chameleon tested the strength of a lattice leading to it going up the wall.

This should work I'm surprised people are so careless with security," the Chameleon said laughing. They climbed up the lattice trying not to be pricked by the thorns of the rose that climbed up it as well.

"The alarm is off or it should be, but I'll disable it," said the Chameleon.

He cut the alarm wire and jimmied the window till it opened.

They climbed in the room and looked about it.

"The safe is behind that painting," said the Chameleon pointing at the only picture in the room.

"Ok who will do the work you or me?" asked the Cat who was as skilled a cracksman as the Chameleon.

"It's my turn you did the last job," said the Chameleon who walked over to the picture removing it handing it to the Cat to put down.

The Chameleon put his ear to the safe and cracked the lock and opened the door removing the contents out of the safe putting it in a backpack on the Cat's back.

"Got it! Let's go." said the Chameleon.

These Thieves Are Dead!

How can the dead commit robbery?


Author: Rachel Lawson
Narrator: Rachel Lawson
Publisher: Paige Turner
Run time: 15 minutes
Release Date: 06/08/2022