The Undoing of a Libertine

The Undoing of a Libertine

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A Libertine...

Jeremy Greymont certainly qualifies. ‘Sex rough and women loose’ is his credo—one he’s always taken very seriously, with no deference whatsoever to the society into which he’s been born. He’s been perfectly content milling along through life on an existence of courtesans and fine Scotch whisky...that is until his grandfather let him know he’s out of time, and his station in life comes with duties attached. Jeremy must produce an heir—posthaste.

Lucky for him, the lovely Georgina is the perfect answer to his predicament and intrigues him like no other woman before her.

Jeremy can’t wait to make her his lady and begin working on creating that heir he needs so badly. He’s even willing to tone down his preference for the wild romps he’s always enjoyed in the bedchamber, just for her sake. There will be plenty of time to teach his innocent bride all about that after the wedding, right?

No, not even close. Georgina’s demons trump Jeremy’s in so many ways. A brutal assault has left her wounded and vowing she can be wife to no man—not even Jeremy Greymont.

What is a libertine to do?

“Georgina...I am so entangled in thoughts of you I could not find my way out if ever I desired.” -JEREMY GREYMONT


Author: Raine Miller
Narrator: Camme Tyla, Joshua Story, Martin Dew, Thaao Penghlis
Publisher: Raine Miller Romance
Run time: 10 hours 12 minutes
Release Date: 03/05/2015