Pioneer Desire

Pioneer Desire

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A brilliant cook new to town. An honorable, restless man. Will they allow friendship to blossom into something more?

Ardan O’Rourke never thought to marry. Not after the heartbreak he suffered as a young man. Not after the years he helped raise his youngest siblings. He never expected to meet Deirdre Finnegan, a spirited woman with a past full of secrets. 

Deirdre Finnegan is not who she appears to be. A fine cook and a loner, she yearns for so much more. When Ardan and the O’Rourkes befriend her, she cannot deny her desire to be part of the large, wonderful family. Just when she begins to believe in a new future, her past returns to remind her of all she has lost. And all she must face if she wants to live a life free of doubt and anguish.

Faced with losing Deirdre, Ardan discovers the one foe he cannot battle is a ghost. Fearing the past is repeating itself, Ardan has to hope her love for him is stronger than her love of what she lost. 

Discover the O’Rourke Family Montana Saga set in the frontier town of Fort, Benton, Montana Territory! Follow as each sibling forgives childhood heartbreak, discovers love, and finds their happily ever after!


Author: Ramona Flightner
Narrator: Michael Karl Orenstein
Publisher: Grizzly Damsel Publishing
Run time: 5 hours 46 minutes
Release Date: 10/18/2020